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Gain confidence speaking English with individualized

practice & feedback

I offer one on one classes for adults and kids. Start with a free consultation and then choose a plan that's right for you!

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Online Teacher

Initial Consultation

30 Minutes | FREE

I believe that a trial run is an important first step to build a great working relationship. I’ll send you my scheduling link so you can choose a time that’s convenient for you. All trial lessons are done virtually on Zoom. Consultation includes:


  • Talking about your goals and problem areas

  • Taking an informal speaking assessment

  • Making an action plan

Schedule Now

Packages & Rates

All of my classes are virtual or in-person (in the Bay Area, within 20 miles from Sunnyvale, CA). Choose a package that's right for you!

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Listen to Real Spoken English

Real spoken language is not always like a textbook. To understand people in everyday life, you need the right kind of practice.

Do you want to prepare for the real world of communication? I want to help you understand the way people really speak. 

Immerse yourself and check out my YouTube channel for unscripted tracks of English speakers talking about their passions. Listen to a variety of topics, learn useful vocabulary, and increase your confidence to understand English. There are no edits. You hear the way people really speak.

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