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Build confidence and have many new conversations in English

  • Is English stopping you from building a future because you aren’t comfortable speaking or are afraid you won’t understand?

  • Do you worry about advocating for yourself in stressful situations? 

  • Do you feel like you should be more independent, help your family more, or just be happier - but your English is stopping you?


At Clear Lingo, we work together to improve your speaking and confidence so you communicate your ideas in daily life without worrying about English.

Friends in the Lake

I feel safe and happier now

My husband and I were scared we would have an accident in a new country and not be able to communicate and advocate for ourselves. It also felt bad when I didn’t understand people. Chiara helped me have more communication with strangers. I understand people and can speak in daily life - at the doctor’s office or when I do chores. I can have conversations with our nanny, watch movies in English, understand song lyrics, and read leveled books. I feel safe and happier now. I can continue to help my family. 
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María Jesús

Chiara headshot 1.jpeg

Hi, I'm Chiara!

[pronounced key-ara]

I know that you are here because English is necessary for daily life in the U.S. I help immigrants and newcomers speak English in a safe, low-stress way so they can go on to have many conversations. 

I struggled to speak to people when I moved to a foreign country too. I know what it is like to have fears that get in the way of learning. I enjoy helping my students discover their true obstacles - sometimes we have to look inside to discover why we are stuck.

I put my fear aside to achieve the goal

I feel grateful, grateful for the opportunity, grateful to be able to make mistakes as many times as necessary until I can get it right. I could put my fear aside to achieve the goal. It was a more than wonderful experience. I don't even have words to express how much my English evolved. I remember the first class where I could barely speak about where I lived. Today I can talk about my neighborhood and my favorite places. This is rewarding.

Drielly Umbrick

My Process

My Process

I offer virtual English lessons for adults and a conversation program. I’ll help you...

All of the lessons were extremely relevant

I was too afraid to speak...I also had a grammatical deficiency which made it very difficult for me to build dialogue. Today I feel less nervous when speaking English. I have made significant improvements in grammar and speaking skills. Chiara’s lessons are perfect for anyone who needs to develop their confidence in speaking and overcome speech blocks. One thing I would like to highlight is her dedication to the student in customizing the class according to needs. All of the lessons were extremely relevant. 

Aline Fernandes

Brazil → Jersey City, New Jersey

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